Wild Turkey Tribute Bourbon 750ml Bottle RARE

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Wild Turkey



750ml Bottle



Jimmy Russell 50th Anniversary



 - aged 15 years -

contents:750 ml / 75cl
alcohol percent: 55 %

proof: 110 0


In celebration of Master Distiller Jimmy Russell's 50 years of dedication to Wild Turkey Bourbon, we are proud to offer ‘Tribute’, a limited edition, 15 year old, original proof small batch bourbon.

Produced in a very rare limited quantity of 9,000 bottles and available only in Japan, Wild Turkey Tribute is a genuine small batch bourbon. This exceptional 15 year old bourbon has been hand selected from unique ‘sugar barrels’ set aside by the Master Distiller fifteen years ago. These barrels, distinct in their inherent sweetness, have imparted a clean, rich and full bodied flavor to this one of a kind Whiskey.

Originally put into these rare barrels at 110o proof, Wild Turkey Tribute has been bottled at that very same proof to yield this robust yet smooth whiskey with hints of spice, nut, vanilla and caramel that could only come from the Wild Turkey distillery.

This homage to ‘The Master Distiller’ is also a true reflection of Mr. Russell's half-century of passion and commitment to making Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey, the world's greatest bourbon.

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