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Japanese  SAKE BREWERY Maker's APRON


Beautiful, traditional SAKE BREWERY MAKER'S APRON from the very popular and award winning HAKKAISAN 'NIHONSHU' BREWERY in Niigata, JAPAN.

Made from durable canvas cotton, very similar material as a Judo Dogi / Gi (uniform) in a bold navy blue with the famous 'HAKKAISAN BREWERY' name and location, and 'NIHONSHU' (Japanese sake) printed in white in the traditional Japanese KANJI characters. It has a wrap around strap and a frilled bottom hem line. Great gift...very unique.

Great for wearing at the next BBQ, or for simply hanging above the bar.


Japanese SAKE BREWERY 'MASU' Sake Cups

....with their unique brand name stamped on these SAKE BREWERY MASU (cups) to choose from.

Square sake cups, or MASU, as they are called in Japan, are a small traditionally wooden box formerly used as a measure of volume. They are now used for drinking cold sake / rice wine (hiyazake).

The 'pointer' finger is positioned on the far corner of the cup, and the thumb at the corner closest to the drinker. This corner is where the sake is sipped from, while the outer facing corner between the finger and thumb, holds a small sprinkle of salt which runs into the cup as it is wet from the sake ripples / splashes.


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